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Dennis J Perkins dperkins2 at uswest.net
Sat Aug 12 09:22:58 MDT 2000

I will have class Monday and Wednesday evenings at Red Rocks CC.  It might be
possible to attend only once a week, but I won't find out until Aug 21.  Also,
what hours did you have in mind?  My class doesn't start until 8PM.

I haven't given any thought about meeting places.  I live near Southwest Plaza
in Littleton, so Kipling and Jewel aren't hard to get to.  My computer is a
full-size tower, so I don't want to transport it.  Would a college be a good
meeting place?  I don't know if they require a college employee at meetings,
but if they have computers with hard drives in removable trays, we could bring
a drive along and insert it into the computer.

I could ask my employer, Monitor Labs, if we could meet there.  We have a
training room that has computers with drive trays.  I think they are networked
together.  I don't know what video card is used, but I think we could get X
Windows to work.
      The location is West Inverness Drive (south of the DTC and west of
Centennial Airport) and  there is a bus stop across the street, but I don't
know what the bus hours are.
       Eric Batalden also works at ML, and at least one other employee might be

--- Dennis

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