[CLUE-Cert] Sair Linux news

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Tue Aug 15 03:28:18 MDT 2000

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Subject: [CLUE-Cert] Sair Linux news

> FYI,
> I just got a note from Sair Linux that our LUG partnership 
> package were mailed this afternoon and should arrive in a 
> couple days.
> I was initially told that I wouldn't get more than twenty 
> packets without names and email addresses.  There are 
> currently twenty-three of us subscribed to clue-cert.
> We may well have more demand than supply of these 
> materials.  If that's the case we'll have to determine
> how many of us are willing give our names and email 
> addresses out to Sair. 

Feel free to pass my email along to them.

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