[CLUE-Cert] time and place

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Aug 29 11:40:55 MDT 2000

It may not be much, but free would be preferable.
If we're going to pay for the space, I'd rather
meet at DPL Central.  I've got a request into them
for meeting room information.

I've called the Cherry Creek library.  They're 
open until 9:00 pm on Mon, Tues, Wed, but their
meeting rooms are pretty much booked up through 
the end of the year. So, they're out.

My understanding is that all of the branch library
meeting rooms are free on the condition that the
meetings are open to the public.  As far as I'm
concerned, our meetings are.  I've also been told
that the library meeting rooms can be scheduled
at six month intervals.  On November 15th, they
can be reserved from January through June, and on
May 15th, they can be reserved from July through
December.  So, if we would like to meet in one of
the branch libraries after the first of the year,
we should be ready to call in our scheduling request
early on November 15th.

Here are three more libraries that may be suitable,
if they're not already booked up:  Eugene Field,
(303)777-2301, is open until 9:00 on Thursdays;
University Hills, (303)757-2714, is also open until
9:00pm on Thursdays; Virginia Village, (303)757-6662,
is open until 9:00 on Wednesdays.  I'll try to look
into the availability of their meeting rooms before
the end of the week.  If someone has time to check 
on them sooner, that would be great.

We are looking to meet every other week from 
7:00-9:00 pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night.
Since the second Thursday of each month is when
the Boulder LUG meets, I would further restrict
Thursday meetings to the first and third Thursday
of each month.

Lynn Danielson

ron davis wrote:
> chris and i checked with the glendale library, and they do charge a fee.
> however, splitting it up among ten or fifteen people would not be bad at all
> (think about it--how bad is $10 a class?)  anyway, everyone decide what you
> want to do and let me know.
> "Batalden, Eric" wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: John Endicott [mailto:JEndicott at dls.com]
> >
> > My wife, coincidentally, attends a once-a-month
> > Wednesday women's group at the Cherry Creek library,
> > and she says the rooms there are GREAT, free, often
> > abundant, and generally one of Denver's best-kept
> > secrets. I'll check it out tomorrow and let you know
> > more. (I may be offline quite a while tomorrow, as
> > we're getting a DSL at work.)

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