[CLUE-Cert] time and place

Dennis J Perkins dperkins2 at uswest.net
Wed Aug 30 20:20:19 MDT 2000

I have class on Tuesday and Thursday, altho I could probably afford going just
once a week.

I have 5 years of Linux experience.  I know some parts fairly well, but there
are a few areas that I have not delved into.

If someone wants to spend a lot of time at learning  how Linux is put together,
www.linuxfromscratch.org walks you through a complete installation from
scratch.  You do need a working Linux distribution and a spare partition to do
this, and you download and compile the tarballs needed to build your own
system.  You don't need to be a programmer.  I recently finished mine, and
altho it had its frustrations, it was also fun.

"Batalden, Eric" wrote:

> i see selection by committee as nice, but possibly slow and unfocused.  so
> to keep things moving along, i am offering the following feedback.
> any night is good except for Tue
> consider my-self a novice with Linux (~2yr experience)
> am serious about getting certified, but i don't think it will be easy.
> i think you are correct in catering to the more advance members in the
> group, and we should keep the material moving at a reasonable clip.
> my $0.02
> E
> PS.  if there are a large group of newbies we might want to form a group for
> them, but lets wait till we have a time and a place to meet.
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> "Batalden, Eric" wrote:
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> > if we choose a central place like Cherry Creek North or Glendale, then
> > geography shouldn't be a big factor.  are we deciding on a meeting place
> by
> > committee or is some one choosing a place and a time?
> I would like to see a selection by committee.  I've been asking for
> input on this for sometime.  The responses I have received indicated
> that meeting every other Wednesday or Thursday night for two hours
> was probably the best compromise.  If Mondays are the best night for
> meeting at a library, perhaps we need to take another survey.  But
> if we can't reach some sort of consensus in the next week or two,
> I may simply choose a time and a place and anyone who is able to join
> me there is welcome.
> One of my concerns is that the majority of people who have subscribed
> to this list have described themselves as newbies.  I believe that a
> complete newbie is going to find it very difficult to get prepared
> for Linux certification in the next six to eight months unless they
> have a lot of time to dedicate to this task.  Therefore, I want the
> pace of this study group to be set by those with more advanced or
> intermediate Linux skills.  I'm also inclined to cater to the needs
> and schedules of those who are serious about getting Linux certified
> and better prepared to take an exam.  I don't want to discourage
> newbies from participating in this group, but they are not my target
> audience.
> Lynn Danielson
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