[CLUE-Cert] Re: Need help!!

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Fri Dec 8 08:47:38 MST 2000

Shawn Hanson wrote:
>    Hello everybody, I am having this problem
> configuring my EPSON Stylus Color 777. I am currently
> using Red Hat 7.0.

I have little experience with Red Hat myself.  I assume
you've used Red Hat's printool?  I'm not sure what type
of print filters (the Unix equivalent of print drivers)
Red Hat uses, but most rely on ghostscript, so make sure 
you've installed that package.

>    If anyone could possibly help me or tell me about a
> good sight that could give me some answers I would
> forever be in your debt.

I'd recommend reposting this to the CLUE-tech list.
Also check out <http://www.linuxprinting.org/>, the
Linux Printing HOW-TO, etc.  If you do a search on
Linux printing using Google or some other search
engine, I'm sure you'll find other useful sites.

Deja.com is always a good resource.  Searching the 
usenet comp.os.linux.* newsgroups may prove useful. 
Specifically the setup, hardware and admin groups.

You might want consider installing a different print
system such as CUPS or lprng as an alternative to
the default bsd lpr system that comes with most Linux
distributions.  If your goal is to prepare yourself
for Linux certification though, I'd try to work 
through your configuration problem using the default

Good luck,

Lynn Danielson

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