[CLUE-Cert] Or you can get there by....

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Tue Nov 21 10:43:27 MST 2000

Randolph Cordell wrote:
> Taking Arapahoe Rd East from I-25, go to Lima (where Benets Barbaque is).
> Or, Take Arapaho Rd West from Parker Rd to Lima.  Take Lima south.  It winds
> around to a stop sign.  Go straight and you are on Inverness Drive East.
> Follow this winding street to 15.

You were ok up until that last line.  If you're inclined to take this route, 
take Lima South past the stop sign at Inverness Drive East -- as you said. 
At the next stop sign, turn left onto Inverness Way South.  Turn left again
at the next stop sign onto Inverness Way East.  The second drive on the the
right will be the IHS building D service entrance.

Lynn Danielson

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