[CLUE-Cert] new member

Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Tue Nov 21 11:53:38 MST 2000

zillatron the digital warrior wrote:
> Can I get the book at SoftPro?

Yes, you can and I heartily recommend that you do -- I did.
I will give you a Sair certification disk for free.  If you 
have the ability to read PDFs and don't mind reading the
material on your computer monitor it will be sufficient.
But if you're like me and prefer the luxury of the printed
page, the price of the book is well worth it.

Softpro is also one of our sponsors.  If you know of them,
I'm sure you're aware that they're a very pro-Linux store.
Please let them know that your involved with CLUE.  It may
help keep them in a generous mood and allow us to continue
giving away free books at our monthly meetings.


> On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Lynn Danielson wrote:
> > Several of us have been meeting every other Wednesday (more or less)
> > in the Inverness Business Park (I-25 & County Line).  We've chosen to
> > pursue the Sair GNU Linux certification program.
> >
> > Our last meeting was last Wednesday.  We reviewed chapter 2 of
> > the Sair Installation and Configuration book and discussed
> > Debian.  In past weeks we also covered Slackware.

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