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Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Tue Nov 21 15:53:24 MST 2000

zillatron the digital warrior wrote:
> Actually, I went looking at this list
> http://www.linuxcertification.com/resources/books/
> and I have about 1/2 of these books in my library already.

Yeah, me too.  Not that I've read them all. :-)

I'm not sure what to make of this recommended reading list.  
Seeing them push titles like the 1st edition of "CGI Programming
for the WWW" when the 2nd edition "CGI Programming with Perl"
has been out for a while makes me wonder if this was a conscious
choice, if the list is old or (the most cynical take) that 
they're trying to push dated material.  Some of the other 
entries are pretty dated as well.  WGS's 1996 Linux 
Encyclopedia for example.  It is basically a printed version
of the LDP materials and very out of date at this point.  The
first edition of "Practical UNIX and Internet Security" is 
another example.  The second edition has been out since 1996!
Yet they're linking to fatbrain and encouraging people to buy
the old edition.  I can only hope that if you order these 
books from fatbrain they will send you the most current
publication, but I wouldn't count on it.

It would be nice if the Sair Certification books gave you all 
the information you needed to pass their tests, but they put 
a disclaimer in them that they are only a study guide and that
additional reading and hands experience will be necessary to 

Personally, I'd recommend O'Reilly's "Running Linux, 3rd Edition"
and "Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition" to just about anybody 
interested in Linux.  And while a bit dated, I've also found 
"Essential Systems Administration" and "Unix Power Tools" to be
excellent sources of information.

While many of the other recommendations on the Sair book list 
are undoubtedly good reference books, I find it hard to believe
that they will be necessary reading material to pass their exams.
Perhaps the books are recommended, old editions and all, because
exam questions were pulled from these books.  I hope not, but
that's the only good reason I can see for recommending those
old editions.

Thanks for pointing me back to the Sair site though.  It's
been a while since I've looked at it appears to have gotten
better.  As a Sair LUG partner we are supposed to be privy
to some special information from their web site.  I should
inquire about this.


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