[CLUE-Cert] Books

Dennis J Perkins dperkins2 at qwest.net
Wed Nov 22 19:23:09 MST 2000

Here are some more books that might be useful as well.

Unix Power Tools, O'Reilly & Associates             overflowing with tips and
Running Linux, Matt Welsh                                        good
introductory book
Linux Complete Reference                                        HOWTOs and FAQs
in a book
Linux Advanced Reference                                        more of the above

Linux Companion for System Administrators
Learning the Bash Shell

Linux kernel books
The Linux Kernel Book,   Card, Dumas, Mevel
Understanding the Linux Kernel,  Bovet & Cesati    just released!
Linux Internals,  Moshe Bar                                        covers the
upcoming 2.4 kernel
Linux Kernel Internals

X Windows
XFree86 for Linux                                                        does not
cover 4.0

For those who are interested in programming in C, I recommend buying the 2-volume
GNU C Reference Manual.  It's a bit expensive at $60 at Softpro, but it has been
very helpful in porting some programs from SCO Unix.


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