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RMS is always good for a little controversy.  ;-)

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> > From: Dennis J Perkins <dperkins2 at uswest.net>
> > This might be an interesting read for anyone interested in Richard
> > Stallman's viewpoint on Linux and free software.
> > In case someone doesn't already know, Stallman is the founder of the
> > Free Software Foundation, the GNU project and the creator of the GPL and
> > LGPL.
> >
> > http://www.anchordesk.co.uk/anchordesk/commentary/columns/0,2415,7106622,00.html

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> Why do I think that he wouldn't be complaining if it were being referred to
> as "Hurd" instead of "GNU Hurd"?  ;-)
> His argument that "Linux" doesn't convey the history of "GNU" is odd.  If
> you know the history of Linux, you probably know how much it has relied on
> GNU tools.
> If the GNU project deserves "top billing" credit for it's work, who else
> does?  What percentage of software installed on the typical Linux machine
> is from the GNU project?  Is it 30%?  What portion of functionality is
> provided by GNU software?  Depends on the user you ask, I suspect.  Where
> do we stop?
> "I've got a problem with my Redhat Samba Apache Gnome Enlightenment SSLeay
> GNU Berkeley GPL Cygnus Ghostscript GTK Troll SGI AT&T Netscape CRNI MIT
> Linux (tm) box."
> On the one hand, I understand that this is an important issue to Stallman.
> On the other, it makes one wonder how much of it is simply ego-building...
> Sean
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