[CLUE-Cert] "Halted Firewalls"

Ben Roe ben at tde.com
Wed Dec 12 20:51:08 MST 2001

I just received my issue of Sys Admin Magazine and the article "Halted Firewalls" caught my eye:  how in the world would such a thing work???  Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

Well, it's an interesting read, and from a system admin point of view pretty straight-forward.  You learn a bit more about the startup scripts (in Red Hat in particular) and how a Linux box can "run" even when it's halted.  Hmmm.

The article isn't on-line, but you can read about it here:

(Hint:  The key is in removing certain startup/shutdown scripts.)

Ben Roe
Denver, Colorado USA

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