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djperkins at americanisp.net djperkins at americanisp.net
Mon Nov 18 16:08:33 MST 2002

> djperkins at americanisp.net wrote:
> [...]
> > 
> > My ISP's mail system went down this weekend and I couldn't read my email.  
> > could send but not receive.  There is no way to contact tech support after 
> > hours to report a problem.
> Heh.  Mine too--and just after they annoyed the heck out of me by 
> blocking servers (until I "upgraded").  It was the lack of notice that 
> was most annoying.  Still, for DSL they seem to be the best deal going.
> On Sat it seemed that I could get POP, but not SMTP (not a big deal to 
> work around).  Then this morning while they were restoring the mail the 
> system was too slow to use.  Sigh.
> They claim to have a pager on the 303-984-5700 number for after hours 
> (Wait 4 rings, follow instructions), or you can email 
> pager at americanisp.net (if you can email).  But at least they noticed the 
> problem and worked on it on Sat.
> Dave
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I left a message Friday evening that it was down.  I left another on Saturday.  
I also sent an email via Yahoo that was returned as undeliverable about 11 
hours later!  I finally got an email from their network administrator late 
Sunday afternoon, but he did not admit that there was any problem.  IMO they 
were not very responsive to the problem.  The message about a crashed hard 
drive did not show up on their home page until this

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