[CLUE-Cert] Next meeting?

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at americanisp.net
Sun Oct 6 18:19:43 MDT 2002

On 09-30 14:03, Lynn Danielson wrote:

> I can't make it this Wednesday anyway.  So, why don't you guys plan on
> sticking with next Monday, October 7th, and talk more amoungst yourselves
> about changing the night.  If everyone's OK with switching to Wednesdays,
> perhaps we can schedule the following meeting for the 16th.

Jef, are you going to be able to make it tomorrow night? I haven't heard
from you - I guess if you can't, it's a moot point. :)

If so, see you guys tomorrow night. 

P.S. - What are we going to try to cover?

P.P.S. - I burned a copy of that bootable NetBSD disk, but it's in German
(That's what you get when you don't RTFM :)). If I remember, I can bring
it, and see if it works. If anyone wants it, they can have it...I know there
were at least one or two of you who knew some German. This will keep you
sharp. ;)

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