[CLUE-Cert] tomorrow's meeting

Lynn Danielson lynn.danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Mon Oct 14 18:39:24 MDT 2002

I've created a new web page for our group:

Although the old certification page is still on the server,
there are no longer any links to it.  I've also dropped 
"Certification" the navigation list on the main CLUE page 
and added a "Study Group" link in its place.

I've deemphasized the certification aspect of the group,
replaced the Sair logo, changed the meeting nights to
first and third Tuesdays, and updated the topic to an on
going LFS project.  I could probably change our list
from CLUE-Cert to CLUE-Study or something like that, but
at this point I'm not inclined to.  Please feel free to 
suggest further changes or let me know about any glaring 
errors I may have made.

See you guys tomorrow,


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