[CLUE-Cert] Where is ld?

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at americanisp.net
Thu Oct 17 18:28:55 MDT 2002

On 10-17 17:27, Lynn Danielson wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 14:18, Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> > Is ld part of the gcc package we compiled on Tues? I didn't see it in the
> > docs as being part of what is built.
> We talked about ld a little bit Tuesday night.  Dennis correctly
> identified it as the "C" linker.  It's part of gnu's binutils
> package.

Okay. That's where it is. I didn't see it in the enumeration of files built
by gcc. 

BTW, this exercise is already proving to be a good one: I never knew of the
utility "uniq" but noticed it when I was punching holes in my dead-trees
version of the documentation. 


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