LFS bootable CD [was re: [CLUE-Cert] Next meeting]

Dennis J Perkins djperkins at americanisp.net
Wed Oct 23 21:38:55 MDT 2002

Lynn Danielson wrote:
> Dennis wrote:
>>>Lynn Danielson wrote:
>>>>Dennis wrote:
>>>>>I've been working on a bootable CD. Hopefully, I will have it working
>>>>>later tonight.  There are a few missing things in the hint.
>>>>Very cool.  I've been reading the "Bootable LFS CD Using LILO" hint
>>>>printout that you gave me and you're right there are a few things
>>>>missing, but my biggest problem was that it requires starting with
>>>>an lfs system to build the cd system from.  One of the things that
>>>>bugged me in the linuxrc script was the pivot_root call.
>>Actually, you could probably use any distro to build the CD because you're 
>>going to build everything anyway.
> That was my initial assumption, but that's not what the hint says.
> Perhaps I'm reading it too literally in this case.  Are you making
> a generic 486 bootable disc and if so, are you using the crosscompiling
> hint?
> Lynn
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I didn't optimise it for a particular processor, and I think 486 is the 
default.  Since I had already built LFS, I didn't need to cross-compile.
If your existing system can compile LFS, you should be able to use its 
programs and libraries to build your CD.  I would probably use the LFS 
boot scripts, simply because the distros tend to include a lot of 
ythings not installed on the CD and you would get a lot of error messages.

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