[CLUE-Cert] Re: study group

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Wed Dec 3 16:24:03 MST 2003

Aaron wrote:

>hi ~ i was thinking about attending a studygroup - but have just begun to study Linux and have very limited knowledge, is that ok? 
>what day this month do you meet? thanks, Aaron 

Hey Aaron,

Absolutely, feel free to attend.  Your participation is welcome
and if we're working through something you don't understand
we'll probably be willing to help you figure it out (assuming
any of us actually understand it ;-) ).

Our meeting is scheduled for the 23rd this month, but that may
be subject change.  I'll try to remember to keep you posted, but
I'd recommend you either subscribe to the clue-cert list
<http://clue.denver.co.us/mailman/listinfo/clue-cert> or keep
an eye on the archives <http://clue.denver.co.us/pipermail/clue-cert/>.


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