[CLUE-Cert] Next meeting

Jef Barnhart jef at batky-howell.com
Wed Jun 11 11:34:47 MDT 2003

If everybody would please print out and read the LSB 
the FHS
LANANA Linux Device List
LSB Init Script Name Registry

I want to go over most of this. Most of the LSB would not be of use to
us. System calls, things like that. 

Things that need to be covered.
VII. Package Format and Installation
	If we are to develop our own packaging script we need to follow 	this.
VIII. Commands and Utilities
	Looking at this, this is what we need for a bare working distro.
IX. Standard Shell
	This what we need for the shell. Bash will do.
X. Users & Groups
XI. Execution Environment
	This is where the FHS comes in. 
	LANANA Linux Device List
XII. System Initialization
	What gets done and when. LSB Init Script Name Registry

	Not much that I can say about this other than read it. This will give
us back ground for where things need to be. 

My thoughts on a plan of action for this.

Next meeting - Having read most of the docs before. Review and discus
what we need. 

There is a long break between meetings. If you can download the The LSB
Sample Implementation or at least read the site.

1 Jul - We will attempt to start the The LSB Sample Implementation and
look at it. We will compare and contrast the LSB to SI. Analize how they
did it and how close to LSB is the SI. If we have time compare to a base
install of Red Hat. 

15 Jul -  At this point we should have enough background info to start
the design process. No code. We will talk about best coding practices. 

This is only a start, I need your input.


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