[CLUE-Cert] Next meeting

Dennis J Perkins dperkins at techangle.com
Wed May 19 20:23:22 MDT 2004

Sean LeBlanc wrote:

>On 05-19 17:43, dperkins at techangle.com wrote:
>>I'm not sure.  I joined the others for supper but I wasn't able to attend
>>the meeting.  And I will not be there next week either.  I'll be in North
>>Dakota doing another startup.  I'm not scheduled to go anyone during June,
>>so I should be able to make that meeting.
>>I dumped AmericanISP about the time they appeared to go dead.  I talked
>>with Prolinx first because I was still routed thru them and they did not
>>know AmericanISP's status either.
>Are you talking about last month's meeting or was there a meeting this week,
>I think Dave asked me last time what I was doing for access, since
>apparently the dialup from AmericanISP went dead. I was on Techangle at the
>time, so I wasn't up on the whole debacle. Hopefully, AmericanISP doesn't
>start charging me at some point, since I never called them to move (and
>apparently they aren't answering their phone?), I called Qwest to have them
>move me from AmIsp/Prolynx to Techangle. 
>If they are now defunct or on their way to defunct, that's really a shame.
>They seemed fine at first, but things got rockier and rockier
>until...apparently no response at all? I really hate to see small businesses
>fail - unless the folks are jackasses. From my dealings with AmIsp, that
>wasn't the case at all - all the people I ever talked to were courteous. I'd
>really like to know what the whole story on that was...it doesn't add up
>from the average residential customer's (i.e., mine) perspective.
I was talking about last month's meeting.

I wonder what happened to AmericanISP too.

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