[clue-cert] Fwd: we are live.....be there!

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Tue Nov 3 10:38:49 MST 2009

I don't know why that message re-posted.  It shouldn't have, it's two weeks old!

Anyway, we're looking forward to your leading tomorrow night!  Remember to have plenty of hands-on work for students to do, more than half of the overall learning experience should be "try this / do this".

David L. Willson
Trainer, Engineer, Enthusiast

----- "Raymond DeRoo" <rderoo at deroo.net> wrote:

> David--
> > Our own George Fox's band will be playing on Wednesday night.  I'll 
> > be trying for an 8:45pm dismissal so that those interested can catch
> > his show.
> If you still plan on me teaching chapter 5, that shouldn't be a  
> problem at all.
> .r
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