[clue-cert] still possible to join the study group?

kfries6 at gmail.com kfries6 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 09:15:30 MST 2009

I have another commitment on Monday and Wednesday nights at the moment.  So I am not up to date on what is going on with that group.  So I would suggest you get in touch with the guy that organizes that, David Willson dlwillson at thegeek.nu

Good luck
Kevin Fries 

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From: Chuck Pepe-Ranney
Sent:  11/14/2009 9:18:33 PM
Subject:  [clue-cert] still possible to join the study group?

I just happened across the Ubuntu Certification Study Group and I am
wondering if it is still possible to join?  I noticed that the class started
on September 16th so I understand if it is too far along to pick up new
participants.  Will there be a new class in the foreseeable future?
Looking forward to your reply,
- Chuck

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