[clue] [POLITICS] The rights to of the people are gone.

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Obviously, that last post by Torren was blatant abuse of this group's objectives. However, sometimes political issues do become involved in how we use our computers, and right now, the possibility of censorship is a legitimate concern -- but not as a call for violence. At times, mere administrator discretion is called for in controlling the e-mails.

Here is how I state the rule on my forum.
<<<Posting with intent to derail and harass conversation, or to promote an agenda subverts the objectives of the forum. At times it is difficult to distinguish between trolling and genuine disagreement. However, as a general rule, administration reserves the right to ban any participant or to remove any post or thread, by discretion and at any time, when it appears the purpose of the forum and its rules and guidelines have been compromised.>>>

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Torren and others on the list:

This is related to Linux and Open Source which is the main topic/purpose of this user group's email list how I do inquire?

I am requesting the list admins actually start administrating the list some if this is going to become common place.  Being a former admin that retired, I find this personally questionable as to being appropriate for a general list here (maybe the old CLUE-Talk list at best).

Thanks in advance.

--- Crawford

----- Torren Beitler <torren.beitler at gmail.com> wrote: -----
> Who here is deeply disturbed by the fact that you can now be held...

<...snipped...due to subject matter being questionable regarding this list...>
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