[clue] Rake (Ruby) question posted... any experts here?

Lorin Ricker Lorin at RickerNet.us
Tue Dec 6 17:10:49 MST 2011

I'm learning, and trying to productively use, Rake for some sys-admin 
type of tasks, and I've researched the 'Net, as well as various Ruby 
textbooks which have a chapter or section on Rake, trying to solve a 
problem that I posted last week on StackOverflow.com:


Since then... crickets (no response to the post).

Are there any Rake/Ruby experts here in CLUE who'd be willing to look at 
the above posting and give my question/problem a shot?  The posting is 
self-contained, so I'll not repeat things here... Except to say Thanks 
for whatever help someone might offer.

best regards,
   -- Lorin Ricker

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