[clue] Rake (Ruby) question posted... any experts here?

Lorin Ricker Lorin at RickerNet.us
Wed Dec 7 20:56:32 MST 2011

Hmmm... No, *no* .bash* file(s) get copied, and so far, the newer/older 
relationship between source and target seem not to matter.  *Nothing* 
gets copied, as if the file-task dependency actually never gets evaluated.

"...redefining the task over and over..." -- I was initially confused by 
this, and you may be on the right track.  However, as I've replied 
earlier (to Dave), I've cribbed this code from other posted-online 
examples from guys who *do* seem to understand rake & with more 
experience than me, and their discussions of this indicate that this 
kind of file-task declaration (there are other, simpler forms of this 
declaration type too, of course) will indeed iterate (enumerate) through 
a list of source files and form correct dependencies...

...but I'll have to think about your suggestion for a bit, and try some 
things out.  I think that this kind of questioning is stabbing about the 
heart of the matter -- I just don't see the specifics yet! ;-)

Thanks, jacob!
   -- Lorin

On 01/-10/-28163 12:59 PM, jacob wrote:
> Does just the last .bash* file get copied if it is newer?
> I believe you keep redefining the task over and over so it is only
> dependent on one file.
> -jacob

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