[clue] updating grep? (talk)

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Which version? Grep, egrep, fgrep? Ken Thompson created grep in 1973. 

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I almost hate to see them mess with it. It's just so....omnipresent, 
but I guess it makes sense, how long has grep been around? 



Usenix: Dartmouth expanding diff, grep Unix tools 

Dartmouth researchers are working on variants of diff and grep that 
can parse more complex data structures 

By Joab Jackson, IDG News Service | Software, diff, Google 2 comments 

December 08, 2011, 5:40 AM — With some funding from Google and the 
U.S. Energy Department, a pair of computer scientists at Dartmouth 
University are updating the venerable grep and diff Unix command line 
utilities to handle more complex types of data. 

Such updates are needed because "we now tend to have more model-based 
configuration languages that have meaningful constructs spanning more 
than one line," said Gabriel Weaver, a Dartmouth graduate student who, 
along with Dartmouth computer science professor Sean Smith, is 
creating the variants of grep and diff. Weaver presented the new 
utilities at a poster session at the Usenix Large Installation System 
Administration (LISA) conference, being held this week in Boston. 

The new programs will allow administrators to extract meaningful data 
from configuration files, log files and other sources of operational 
data, the researchers maintain. 
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