[clue] Pipes and compression

jefb jefb at comcast.net
Sat Dec 17 07:15:43 MST 2011

You may have to play with this and it really in not in the spirit of 
what you are asking.

$ backup --user=user --pass=password --outputfile=/path/to/my/backup&  tail -f /path/to/my/backup


On 12/16/2011 08:18 PM, Jason Friedman wrote:
> I am using an application that allows me to back up its contents using
> a command:
> $ backup --user=user --pass=password --outputfile=/path/to/my/backup
> --outputfile is a mandatory option, I cannot redirect to STDOUT.
> The output is large and I compress after-the-fact.  Is there a way to
> use a pipe as "outputfile" and backup-and-compress in a single step?
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