[clue] [Treasury] : website bill for CLUE

YES NOPE9 yes at nope9.com
Sun Feb 5 21:13:13 MST 2012

How much *total* is anyone out of pocket for the ISP bill for CLUE ?
Please send me copies of the bills if you can... if not available that is okay.
What I have is cash  .... I will get back to you about ways I can pay you.
Gus  CLUE treasurer

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From: Dennis J Perkins
Date: February 5, 2012 8:28:03 PM MST
To: Gus Calabrese <yes at nope9.com>
Subject: website bill

VPSLink has billed my credit card for $56.13 for hosting the CLUE website for the next three months.  We were reimbursing Crawford for this in the past, but it's been transferred to my credit card.  You can send a check from CLUE funds to my address at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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