[clue] [tech] Ubuntu: how to make a bootable boot CD for my system?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Feb 6 19:25:48 MST 2012

Jim Ockers wrote:
> Red Hat/CentOS makes this easy because there's the mkbootdisk utility
> with --iso command line.

Why don't you just use that then?  It shouldn't be that hard to find and install on Ubuntu.

Is this just making an ISO with the kernel and initrd on it?  Proably SYSLINUX will do that for you. 
  Though it's fancy so it isn't quite as easy as one command.  But if you figure out a recipe it 
would probably be easy to reuse.

> I also don't want to a make bootable USB flash drive which is what most of my googling indicates
> that most Ubuntu users are trying to do.

Oh, the isolinux part of SYSLINUX supports isohybrid.  So if you find instructions for building a 
USB drive that way you can boot it as a CD too.


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