[clue] [tech] What ethernet switch should I buy? Suggestions?

Quentin Hartman qhartman at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 13:00:45 MST 2012

I second the recommendation for the HP Procurve's . I've had great
reliability from them and their "cost per port" and "cost per feature"
is much lower than Cisco or Juniper. According to some they may not
cut it in terms of performance for a heavily loaded multi-Gb core
switch, but I thinks that's debatable. Any situation where 100Mb is
acceptable they will more than handle it.

I know you said cost doesn't really matter, but another one to look at
is SMC if it turns out that cost does matter and even the HP's end up
too expensive. I understand it's unlikely, but I've had great luck
with their equipment, and they are one of the few smaller
manufacturers that supports true jumbo frames in their unmanaged Gb
gear. I would imagine a pair of switches from them would easily meet
your needs and save you hundreds (maybe thousands?) over the big guys,
with no perceptible downside.


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