[clue] [ INSTALLFEST ] March 3rd 1000 to 1500 hours Saturday

YES NOPE9 yes at nope9.com
Mon Feb 27 16:27:21 MST 2012

The installfest is at denhac ( http://denhac.org ) near 58th Ave. and I-25   1000 to 1500 hours
975 E 58th Ave, Unit N    Denver, CO 80216     Look for green arrows

Note the time range......
The information on the Drupal site is incorrect and I cannot correct it as editing privileges seem to have disappeared.

Supplied will be wireless internet , wired internet , keybords , mice , limited monitors, a DVD burner , some DVDs

Be sure to indicate any resources that you may wish someone else to bring......  We will try to please.

Gus     720 940 7633 cell <== use the day of the installfest
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