[clue] FOSS: Graphics Arts and Designs.

St.Tos sgtconker1r at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 21:58:50 MST 2012

for Creating images I would recommend these tools: MyPaint  GIMP & Inkscape

MyPaint is made specifically to create images by hand. no resize or crop or any of that jazz 

This is the easiest program to learn, but the hardest to actually create things with. It's more like a blank unlimited canvas.

But you really should use a drawing tablet with it otherwise it's full potential is of out of reach. 

GIMP is harder to learn because it's oozing features left and right. One almost does not know where to start. 
I only wish i was able to rotate the canvas in as easily as it I do with mypaint.

Inkscape is for vector images. inkscape is awesome for so many things. Especially if you plan on having
any kind of high resolution images or if you are planning on having thing printed. this is a great tool for creating logos or even website mock-ups. 

It's your choice. 

I use all three. 
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