[clue] good pci wireless linux card?

Jim Ockers ockers at ockers.net
Wed Jan 23 12:55:18 MST 2013

This is a tall order because I think most PCI cards discontinued 
(probably not many manufacturers are even making PCI cards anymore), and 
most wireless devices sold now are mobile, so that is the focus of the 
wireless chipset business.

I used the D-Link DWL-AG530 under Linux and it seems to work fine.  Mine 
has the Atheros chipset which is generally well supported under Linux.  
Of course the DWL-AG530 is discontinued, but maybe you can find one on 
ebay or amazon.

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Mike Bean wrote:
> A friend of mine asked for advice, I didn't really know what to tell 
> him.  Can anyone recommend a good linux wireless card?  Unfortunately, 
> has to be PCI - he only has a PCI slot. 
> Mike

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