[clue] Problems w/ Centos 6.3

Jim Ockers ockers at ockers.net
Sun Jan 27 18:02:01 MST 2013


What is the exact kernel image that will boot OK?  And what are the 
names of the ones that won't boot?  At what point do they stop booting, 
or does nothing happen when you choose that option from the grub menu?

For instance it might make a difference if the XEN kernel won't boot or 
crashes on boot, but a non-xen kernel will boot ok.

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Jug Knot wrote:
> Tried twice to upload a new kernel image and find that the Boot Loader 
> just hangs bringing up the new OS.  Read somewhere about having to 
> change SELinux before installing v6.3.  
> Advise is welcome
> Tim Weil
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