[clue] postgres questions?

Mike Bean beandaemon at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 07:43:42 MST 2016

Do we have members who are comfortable/skilled with postgres?   Long story
short we have a spacewalk server running postgres and the DB is showing
really erratic behavior.  We used to do weekly vacuums to keep it from
running out of space, I figured out that doing a reindex bumped the free
space from 20-80 GB.  Over the weekend, it dropped to roughly 60, we went
one week without doing a vacuum reindex, and it's back down to 20.

I know for a fact there's no one else in the organization making major
changes on this DB, and certainly nothing that could justify 40GB of writes
in 3 days.  Not really being a DBA, I'm running low on my bag of tricks,
thought I'd see if CLUE had any advice.   Running vacuums once a week to
keep it from filling the disk feels like taking aspirin to get over your
gunshot wound.  Sure, it'll keep the server running, but ultimately what I
really want to know is why a largely static spacewalk DB is writing 60GB to
the disk in a 2 week interval.
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