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Jim Salter has an interesting article abut this on Ars Technica.Generation 0: No system.  Just n aritrary stream of data on punchcards,cassettes, tape, etc.Generation 1: Early filesystems without directories or metadata.  CP/M,Apple DOS, etc.Generation 2: Directories added to better handle the amount of storagespace on hard drives.  MS-DoS 2.0.Generation 3: Metadata.  Unix, Macintosh.Generation 4.  Journaling.  Ext3, NTFS, etc.Generation 5: CoW , built-in volume management, per-block checksums,self-healing arrays.  ZFS, Btrfs, ReFS.  Maybe Bcachefs and Stratis?_______________________________________________clue mailing list: clue at cluedenver.orgFor information, account preferences, or to unsubscribe see:http://cluedenver.org/mailman/listinfo/clue
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