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Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Fri Aug 11 14:21:34 MDT 2000


Tuesday is not a good night for me.  I have meetings on the first three
Tuesday's of every month.  From the people who have talked to me so far
about what works for them, a two hour meeting every other Wednesday is
looking good.  Does this work for you?

Dusty mentioned a potential meeting place to me last night.  It's a
book store at Kipling (or Wadsworth) and Jewel.  At least one of the
folks who wants to join us in the study group is a CU student who 
relies on public transportation.  I'd like to keep both parking and
public transportation in mind when we select a meeting place.  Also,
it would be helpful to have at least one Linux machine along on which
we can demonstrate or verify procedures.  Laptops would be flexible
if those of you in the group who have them would be willing to bring
them along.  Otherwise, we should be looking for a place to meet that
has at least one Linux computer.


"Batalden, Eric" wrote:
> i think where might be tricker than when.  so on that note i would like to
> see a meeting once a week (but not on the week CLUE meets).  it would be
> nice if it was durring the week after work.  i don't have any idea for a
> venue.
> E
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> From: Lynn Danielson
> Subject: CLUE-Talk: Linux certification study group -- new mailing list
> A new mailing list has been created for the purpose
> of discussing issues relating to Linux certification.
> This list will be a forum for those of us in the
> study group.  Those of you contacted me with interest
> in a Linux certification study group should already
> be subscribed.  If any more of you are interested,
> feel free to join in.
> http://clue.techangle.com/mailman/listinfo/clue-cert
> Our first order of business will be to form a consensus
> about when and where we can meet.

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