[CLUE-Cert] [Fwd: CLUE-Talk: Linux certification study group -- new mailing list]

John Kottal jlkottal at americanisp.net
Fri Aug 11 17:08:13 MDT 2000

David Willson wrote:

> I have a DELL laptop that loves Linux,

I can contribute a Toshiba laptop with RH 6.1 (2.2.16 kernel) on it that I can

> If we will only be meeting every other week, we should consider having at
> least four hours of "curriculum", and 6:30PM to 10:30PM may be the sweet
> spot between rush-hour and exhaustion.

This might be better than every week: it would give us time to assimilate and
practice what we covered and wouldn't be so demanding in the event that "life
has other plans" for us and we have to miss a meeting or two.

> Another alternative might be to meet every other Saturday or Sunday
> afternoon.  Less difficult schedules on those days.  Or simply every week,
> rather than every other...

I would like to stick to a weeknight, as my weekends are workdays.

> Who are the "intermediates" in the study group?  It would be a very, very good
> idea to formalize the curriculum.  General Q&A sessions are fun and
> liberating, but progress far too slowly.  I'm thinking one, or two at most,
> topics per session, and four hours of "homework" per week.  This should yield
> a certification-level geek in 3-6 months, depending on prior experience.

Perhaps one way of doing this is to assign the chapter(s) as reading as
homework, meet to discuss it, then share experiences (especially trials and
tribulations when things don't go as the book says it should --- I can share
some of these on NIS, NFS, and setting up network printing), and maybe have a
demo  (we can always link two systems with a crossover cable and have a

First, however, we need to decide on a book(s) and other study aids, as well as
how to handle the problem of what flavor(s) of Linux we want to use.


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