[CLUE-Cert] [Fwd: CLUE-Talk: Linux certification study group -- new mailing list]

John Endicott JEndicott at dls.com
Sun Aug 13 10:18:43 MDT 2000

Actually, I'd prefer every other week, as this would
allow me to alternate this with band practice (once
that kicks up again in the fall).

Chris Hough wrote:
> I think Wednesday is a good night, as well.  I've got at least two other guys
> who would like to do this, and possibly a couple more.  Once a week or once
> every two weeks doesn't really matter that much, but there has to be some
> formalization.  Also, at least three of us have linux laptops that we would be
> happy to bring along.
> What is the name of the book store in question?
> -chris

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