[CLUE-Cert] Sair Linux news

ron davis rdavis at dslbroadband.com
Mon Aug 14 17:27:25 MDT 2000

free stuff always rules for me, so if sair linux wants my name and email
address, so be it.  also, we are checking to see if it costs anything to
reserve a meeting space at the glendale library (chris's wife works
there and will find out tonight).  i can also check with my wife about
tattered cover.  we may be able to work something out with them, as my
lovely wife works at the downtown store and has direct contact with the
owner.  however, parking fees will probably not be avoidable at either

Lynn Danielson wrote:

> FYI,
> I just got a note from Sair Linux that our LUG partnership
> package were mailed this afternoon and should arrive in a
> couple days.
> I was initially told that I wouldn't get more than twenty
> packets without names and email addresses.  There are
> currently twenty-three of us subscribed to clue-cert.
> We may well have more demand than supply of these
> materials.  If that's the case we'll have to determine
> how many of us are willing give our names and email
> addresses out to Sair.
> I think the package will include the Sair Linux
> certification book, some other study materials and
> promotional t-shirts.  I'll let everyone know what we
> got when I receive it.
> Lynn Danielson
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