[CLUE-Cert] Sair Linux news

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Tue Aug 15 09:33:21 MDT 2000

Brian Jarrett wrote:
> Am I to understand correctly that they are willing to give us certain
> materials to help us study for their certification? 

That's my understanding.  I believe we'll be getting some copies of
the "Sair Linux and GNU Certification" book.  I'll know for sure 
when the package arrives.

> I'm looking at buying
> some books and I see that there is one available for the SAIR certification
> over Installation and Configuration, but am not sure if I'll need it.

I've already purchased a copy myself.  It's got some good information
in it.  I picked it up because it compares and contrasts the major
Linux distributions.  You can probably get by fine without it.  With 
the possibility of getting one for free, I'd definitely hold off.


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