[CLUE-Cert] The Sair care package

Lynn Danielson lynnd at techangle.com
Thu Aug 17 19:16:45 MDT 2000

I received the Sair LUG kit yesterday. It did not include any books.
It did include one t-shirt and 10 CD kits. The CD packages are pretty
cool. They contain 12 CDs. 

The first of these CDs contains a 400 page PDF student manual for the 
Sair Linux and GNU Certification, Level I, Part I, Linux Certified 
Administrator, Installation and Configuration exam.  It also includes
the LDP and man pages in html format, a couple not so current kernel 
images, Wordperfect, VNC and StarNet's X-Win32 (which seems to be 
broken).  The other disks are a collection of Linux distribution disks
from LinuxCentral.  Kind of like the InfoMagic developer sets.  The 
distributions included are: 
 - Red Hat 6.2
 - Caldera's OpenLinux eServer 2.3 and eDesktop 2.4
 - Slackware 7.1
 - Debian 2.2
 - SuSE 6.4
 - TurboLinux Server and Workstation 6.0
 - Corel 1.1.

I've asked if we can get more of these cd kits and I'm waiting
to hear back from them.  If we can't, we can certainly make some

We are also supposed to get access to a new Sair Linux & GNU 
University LUG web site.  I don't think it's up yet.  It's 
supposed to contain "discounts on Linux, GNU and Open Source 
books and materials produced by Sair and other participants of 
the Open Source Revolution such as The Free Software Foundation."
I'm waiting for an announcement and the password.


Lynn Danielson

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