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if we choose a central place like Cherry Creek North or Glendale, then
geography shouldn't be a big factor.  are we deciding on a meeting place by
committee or is some one choosing a place and a time?


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Another possibility is that we could break up the group a little so that
don't have to drive too far to get there.  This might also free up some
places to
meet simply because of space.


Lynn Danielson wrote:

> It may not be much, but free would be preferable.
> If we're going to pay for the space, I'd rather
> meet at DPL Central.  I've got a request into them
> for meeting room information.
> I've called the Cherry Creek library.  They're
> open until 9:00 pm on Mon, Tues, Wed, but their
> meeting rooms are pretty much booked up through
> the end of the year. So, they're out.
> My understanding is that all of the branch library
> meeting rooms are free on the condition that the
> meetings are open to the public.  As far as I'm
> concerned, our meetings are.  I've also been told
> that the library meeting rooms can be scheduled
> at six month intervals.  On November 15th, they
> can be reserved from January through June, and on
> May 15th, they can be reserved from July through
> December.  So, if we would like to meet in one of
> the branch libraries after the first of the year,
> we should be ready to call in our scheduling request
> early on November 15th.
> Here are three more libraries that may be suitable,
> if they're not already booked up:  Eugene Field,
> (303)777-2301, is open until 9:00 on Thursdays;
> University Hills, (303)757-2714, is also open until
> 9:00pm on Thursdays; Virginia Village, (303)757-6662,
> is open until 9:00 on Wednesdays.  I'll try to look
> into the availability of their meeting rooms before
> the end of the week.  If someone has time to check
> on them sooner, that would be great.
> We are looking to meet every other week from
> 7:00-9:00 pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night.
> Since the second Thursday of each month is when
> the Boulder LUG meets, I would further restrict
> Thursday meetings to the first and third Thursday
> of each month.
> Lynn Danielson
> ron davis wrote:
> >
> > chris and i checked with the glendale library, and they do charge a fee.
> > however, splitting it up among ten or fifteen people would not be bad at
> > (think about it--how bad is $10 a class?)  anyway, everyone decide what
> > want to do and let me know.
> >
> > "Batalden, Eric" wrote:
> >
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> > > From: John Endicott [mailto:JEndicott at dls.com]
> > >
> > > My wife, coincidentally, attends a once-a-month
> > > Wednesday women's group at the Cherry Creek library,
> > > and she says the rooms there are GREAT, free, often
> > > abundant, and generally one of Denver's best-kept
> > > secrets. I'll check it out tomorrow and let you know
> > > more. (I may be offline quite a while tomorrow, as
> > > we're getting a DSL at work.)
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