[CLUE-Cert] time and place

John Kottal jlkottal at americanisp.net
Wed Aug 30 20:02:02 MDT 2000

Lynn Danielson wrote (at one time or the other):

> One of my concerns is that the majority of people who have subscribed to this
> list have described themselves as newbies.  I believe that a complete newbie
> is going to find it very difficult to get prepared for Linux certification in
> the next six to eight months unless they have a lot of time to dedicate to
> this task.

So, how do we decide what constitutes is a "newbie" and what constitutes an
intermediate/advanced user? Can we come with a list of things that one has done
or should be able to do to sort ourselves out, or just start the class and cull
the unknowledgable ones out as we go in some kind of Darwinian evolution <g>.

> Therefore, I want the pace of this study group to be set by those with more
> advanced or intermediate Linux skills.  I'm also inclined to cater to the
> needs and schedules of those who are serious about getting Linux certified and
> better prepared to take an exam.

I fully concur, hoping that I do not sound like an elitist while doing so.

> I don't want to discourage newbies from participating in this group, but they
> are not my target audience.

Maybe one solution to this is to have another meeting for newbies --- not
necessarily on the night that CLUE meets. I know that at one time the Windows on
the Rockies group was doing this for VB users with an experienced VBer who would
lead little labs and handle questions.


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