[CLUE-Cert] time and place

David Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Wed Aug 30 20:18:17 MDT 2000

About the "newbies" that may or may not be on this list.  Certification
should not be the first concern of a newbie, and this SIG should not
accomodate answer the concern, if it is.  If, as a newbie, I decide to audit
the study group, that's fine, but I should expect that genuine SA's with an
interest in certification that is appropriate to their skills should not and
will not slow down to wait for me.
It is appropriate for an experienced SA or NA to seek certification in their
product-expertise.  It is not appropriate for inexperienced users to seek
certification before depth of knowledge, and it's a damn shame when they
achieve it.
David Willson, MCT, A+, Net+

So, back to the original question(s):
How much money should I bring?

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