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David Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
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Lynn & all,
I've facilitated study groups and certification study groups in
Windows-land, and you are right on target.  Simple is best:  Find a
highly-recommended focus book that lines up well with the certification we
have agreed on (Have we agreed on one? Can I nominate RHCE?), and let that
book be the guide.  Be ready to augment the book with other materials, in
spots where it's not "meaty" enough.  Set a date on which the group will
attempt certification, and then divide up the time and the book into
matching segments.
Simple and effective, I think.  Concurrence?

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David Willson wrote:
> . . ..  If, as a newbie, I decide to audit
> the study group, that's fine, but I should expect that genuine SA's with
> interest in certification that is appropriate to their skills should not
> will not slow down to wait for me.

This is basically the point I was trying to make.
I want to welcome everyone into the group in the
hopes that they may get something worthwhile out
of it.  But once we've selected a meeting time
and place.  One of the next things we'll need to
decide is when we want to be prepared to take an

If we decide to meet every other week for six to
eight months that would give us twelve to sixteen
meetings between next month and March or May.
This will determine the pace we need to get
through the material.

My thoughts for organizing this study group are:

 - Use the influence of CLUE to acquire materials
   for pursuing certification and sharing resources
   throughout the group.

 - Decide on what material is to be studied
   individually between meetings.

 - Use the meetings to drill each other on the
   material for that meeting.  Possibly in pairs.
   Possibly in a round robin fashion.

 - Asking members (and maybe outside experts) who
   have experience in areas where a majority of the
   group is inexperienced to give a short talk or
   an overview of the material before we start drills.

 - Providing a network, namely this mailing list, for
   us to ask questions relevant to certification of
   other like minded individuals.

 - I'd like to see the members of this study group get
   involved with at least one installfest.  The main
   CLUE group can help out with this.  Other groups
   in the area occasionally put on installfests as well.
   I think we should all be eager to participate in
   these as a practical application of the knowledge
   necessary for certification.

I've never been involved with a study group like this
before.  Does this seem like a reasonable approach to
the rest of you?  What are you thoughts about what I'd
like to see happen in the study group?  Is there
something else you'd like to see?

Lynn Danielson
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