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ron davis rdavis at dslbroadband.com
Thu Aug 31 11:37:48 MDT 2000

doesn't matter to me either way.  i think that there are enough knowledgable
people to split, and i'm guessing that there are more than a couple of folks in
the group with laptops.


Lynn Danielson wrote:

> Chris Hough wrote:
> >
> > Another possibility is that we could break up the group ... so that people
> > don't have to drive too far to get there.  This might also free up some
> > places to meet simply because of space.
> There are enough of us that this is worth considering.  As I see
> it the advantages would be:
>  - Different meeting nights would better accommodate participant schedules
>  - Each group could focus on a different certification program
>  - People could participate in both groups
> Disadvantages would include:
>  - More per person expense if meeting room isn't free.
>  - Talent and resources would be split between groups.  I know
>    that Dusty is more interested in participating in an instructor
>    role than actually achieving certification for himself.  Jim
>    Oakers has also expressed a willingness to teach at these meetings.
>    Would those people who expressed a willingness to bring a laptop
>    be going to both meetings?  Would corporate donations and freebies
>    be equally split between the two groups?  Who would lead each group?
> I'm sure there are more pros and cons.  Feel free to add to this list.
> Who would like to see the group split up?
> Lynn
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