[CLUE-Cert] Couple of SuSE questions

Sean LeBlanc seanleblanc at home.com
Sun Dec 10 22:31:01 MST 2000

Thanks for all the help. Turns out that the disk
was full!! I didn't notice before now. D'oh.

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Lynn Danielson wrote:
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> From: Lynn Danielson <lynnd at techangle.com>
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> +Sean LeBlanc wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks for the reply.
> > 
> > Unfortunately, .xsession-errors is size 0. I have spent some
> > time doing some of the suggestions, and the net result (so far)
> > is that it just hangs on login for any other user but root.
> > I CAN start X as root, BTW.
> Ok, so either it's a permission problem or initialization script
> problem.  If you set up a new user (from scratch if necessary)
> and copy all of the hidden dot files from the /root directory
> into the home directory for that user, does startx then work for
> that user?
> > When I try X with :1 from command line, I get a message about
> > how I should be using Xwrapper to start it, so I try that, I get 
> > another X session on Ctrl-Alt-F8, but it's just the X cursor and
> > the black and white checkered background, and that's all ...
> If you simply start X by itself, that is all you'll get.  After starting
> X on :1, try setting your display to 1 (export DISPLAY=:1) and executing
> a few apps in the background.  A terminal, such as
> xterm, is a good place to start.  Then you can play around with 
> window managers.  If you have kde installed try startkde or
> gnome-session for gnome, twm, fvwm, olwm, etc.  You'll have to
> kill one before starting another.  Check /usr/X11R6/bin/*wm for
> other window managers you may have installed on your system.
> > startx with :1 on command line seems to ignore it.
> > You think I need to alter startx script?
> No, try "startx -- :1".
> Lynn
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