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Tue Nov 21 21:41:46 MST 2000

At 20:21 11/21/00 -0800, you wrote:
>OF course.  This is Denver style street Layouts.  (Don't shoot. I'm native.)
>What was I thinking that 15 would be across the street from 14. 

Randy, I worked in Inverness for 12 years and rode the bus to work for over
half of those, coaching many new drivers on the wierdness of the Inverness
layout.  Ways, Drives, Circles, etc. etc.  are all there!  I once read a
for the different labels, but don't know how well Inverness follows it (if
at all!).

After driving all around the IHS "campus" one night (I had left my
at home -- mistake number 1), I discovered how really strange Inverness
numbering can be.  Even a good map can be confusing.  Lynn's directions 
were the most help to me.  

Look forward to having you in the group.

Ben Roe
Denver, Colorado, USA
ben at tde.com  --  http://members.tde.com/ben

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