Lynn Danielson Lynn.Danielson at clue.denver.co.us
Wed Nov 22 09:55:12 MST 2000

Randolph Cordell wrote:
> OF course.  This is Denver style street Layouts.  (Don't shoot. I'm native.)
> What was I thinking that 15 would be across the street from 14.  My bag.  I
> see we are talking 'ways' versus 'drives'. Thanks for the correction though.

No problem, it's confusing.  Building numbers are assigned sequentially 
as buildings are built, not by location in the park.  Our building A is
#15, building D is #321.  I've been avoiding mentioning that, even
though we have been meeting in building D, because Mapquest doesn't
show the right location for building #321.  But it is right next to
building a which Mapquest does give a correct map position for.

> I need to drop in on Wednesdays.  I am working on the 3rd SAIR test so it
> might be a while.

We'd be glad to have you there.  Would you be willing to share some
comments about the first few tests with the list?


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