[CLUE-Cert] Debian networking

John Kottal jlkottal at americanisp.net
Wed Nov 22 00:06:55 MST 2000

During installation, you should have been presented with a menu choice
to configure device drivers that would have let you configure your
network card, and then the network. See sections 7.13 and 7.14 on this


If you didn't do that, then, AFAIK, you'll have to edit the various
files by hand. This chapter from the O'Reilly book "Learning Debian/GNU
Linux" may help:


You may have to run modconf to get the system to see the card.

John Kottal

Ben Roe wrote:

> Where did I miss the networking questions?  Is there a program in
> Debian like Linuxconf that helps with this config?  Or is this a
> process of editing several files with "my favorite editor"?

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